Payday loans -Where can I get a payday loan near me?

Payday loans -Where can I get a payday loan near me?

Harrison is a new loan brand, next to the GoodieCred brand from the well-known company CreditTEXT. He specializes in providing payday installments in the amount of 1000 to 3000 PLN for up to 30 months. Their amount can be adjusted to the financial expectations of different clients. It also offers the option of early repayment of the loan.

Where can I get a payday loan near me?

The payday loans offer from GreenDayOnline is tailored to the expectations of various clients. If we need additional financial support, the payday loan offer is the most for us. We will receive additional money quickly and without unnecessary formalities – it takes a few minutes to complete the application.

Loans – requirements

You must be at least 20 years old to get a loan from Harrison. You also need a PESEL number as well as your permanent address. The company also requires a stable source of income. We also need a positive credit history to get the money we need. Importantly, Harrison grants loans to people up to 80 years old. This is a relatively high age limit compared to those set by other loan companies. This is very important because retirees are a social group that also often needs this kind of financial support.

Loans – the process of applying for a loan

Loans - the process of applying for a loan

If we want to get a loan from Harrison, we should start by choosing an offer that matches our financial possibilities. Then, people who meet the conditions considered by the company should submit an application. A slightly complicated form will provide the company with information that allows you to determine the customer’s creditworthiness. When completing the document, he also chooses the form of the loan (via the post office or Sepao office). You do not have to wait too long to obtain a decision, the application is processed within 15 minutes. The decision to accept or reject the application is sent via SMS. A financial advisor contacts the client if he makes a positive decision. He is talking about the terms of the contract. The client consults his choice with him, then the loan agreement is concluded by phone. Later, all you have to do is wait for the financial operation to take place and collect the money at the post office or at a branch of Bank Pekao SA

Money immediately in the loan

The introduction of this method of communication with the customer is not accidental. This solution is very important for people who live in a hurry and want fast solutions as well as unlimited access to information and services. That is why they value the option of using a cell phone when applying for a loan. Sending information by SMS is a guarantee that the customer will know the decision as soon as possible. Talking with a consultant and completing formalities by phone is also a great help. Many people still value using the hotline because they feel more confident when they are in contact with a company representative. It is not surprising then that many customers are eager to use this option.

With loans you will adjust the loan repayment

Borrowers do not allow postponing the loan repayment date. However, we can change the date of paying installments, which in many cases helps to organize our expenses better. To specify a new date, we should contact Customer Service. Loans also allow the loan to be settled before the date set when signing the contract – this reduces costs. This option is a very good option if the client wants to get rid of the commitment first. We can also opt out of the loan – we have 14 days to do so from the day the contract is signed. The decision to resign does not affect the possibility of concluding further contracts, provided that the amount incurred has been repaid in accordance with the terms of the contract. Details can be found by contacting Customer Service. Thus, it can be seen that Harrison meets the expectations of its customers.