Kennedys Personal Loan Credit Card

Do you know about Kennedys Personal Loan Credit Cards? Not that? Then read on. Kennedys Personal Loan is in many ways much more than a regular credit card. It is your entrance to a simpler everyday life when it comes to purchasing goods and services. Kennedys Personal Loan is also a signal to service providers that you are a quality conscious customer.

Here are some of the many uses:

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Kennedys Personal Loan is welcomed as a means of payment at nearly 29 million user sites in over 300 countries and territories. You can use it 80,000 places in Norway. Look for the VISA mark on hotels, shops, gas stations, restaurants, bank offices and ATMs.

Cash can be withdrawn in 800,000 ATMs and over 400,000 bank offices worldwide. You can use Kennedys Personal Loan in all terminals marked BankAxept in Norway. The fact that the loan is raised by using a card is of less importance. Advantage cards are cards you either get, or buy to get discounts within a specific industry or area.

But all the cards also promote other associated benefits to the card, but then as an additional thing. Are you wondering if the card can be used in a specific place abroad? Check below the possibilities on

Clear and accurate!

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Every single month you get a review of your use of Kennedys Personal Loan, along with an invoice. Among other things, the overview makes it easier for you to write travel bills. Contact your bank account immediately if there is something wrong, such as transactions you do not recognize.

How much does this credit card cost? You decide whether you want to pay all or part of the invoice in the event of a due date. In practice, you have up to 45 days of interest-free credit – from purchase to maturity. After maturity, you pay a credit interest rate set by your bank.