Payday Loan

Payday Loan

Until recently, lifting a loan could not have gone without the involvement of the employer. The employer had to give a voucher 1 or voucher 2, which of course most of them tried to avoid. None of them were particularly keen on giving their worker their business and discovering how much they were really making.

Today, the situation is a bit different as credit companies have thrown employers out of the equation. A prospective client can obtain a loan, loan or loan on their own without needing any confirmation from the employer.

What is behind the loan without payroll

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A payday loan is an indispensable part of short term financing. There are no credit checks as seen on GreenDayonline. The banks have not yet introduced it in their operations because their approval is based on the amount of income and a number of other factors. A payday loan is based on smaller amounts and a flexible repayment period – this translates into a client creating the repayment plan himself. It does not have to be 12 months in debt as is the case with banks, but can be repaid at the next payday.

A payday loan is designed to repair smaller holes in your home budget. It is ideal for emergency repairs where there is no place in the black stock like home repairs, car breakdowns, celebrations, travel and the like.

A loan without a payroll – as its name implies, it does not exclude retirees but, indeed, can be requested by them and the workers. The most important thing is that the seeker is careful about financial orderliness.

How to get a loan without a payday

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The payday loan is available online with minimal documentation that comes down to two basic documents, namely an ID card and a current account card. No additional documents or payroll are required. This is most often the case with smaller amounts that do not pose too much risk to the home loan company.

There is no additional cost to the loan without a payday loan. A contract that is downloaded directly from the websites of the selected credit institution does not need to be certified by the employer. In addition, the client saves several hundred kuna in addition to his time, which he can for example direct to repay the loan.

A loan with no payroll on the account sits as soon as possible. If all is well with the application, the money will arrive within minutes, but never more than 24 hours after the application is submitted. The procedure is maximally expedited thanks to minimal documentation.

Payday Loan

Personal loans offered by Good Finance

At Good Finance, our mission is simple – to provide credit and banking services that are the best, fastest and easiest to use, available 24/7 with personal customer service.

Sometimes you need extra money. Quickly. That’s why we have developed our simple and flexible lending service that gives you quick access to funds.

Personal loans, also known as mobile micro or text messaging loans, are extremely useful and can often be the perfect solution when something unexpected happens, and you do not have the resources to cover the cost.

Amount offered for Good Finance personal loans

Amount offered for Good Finance personal loans

New Good Finance clients can apply for a quick personal loan of between HRK 300 and 10,000 with a repayment period of 15 days to 12 months. A fantastic promotional campaign is underway: If you, as a new user, apply for any loan with a repayment period of up to 30 days, the loan will be free of charge, ie you will repay to the bank exactly how much you have borrowed.

Applying is fast, easy and completely free. Decide which of our online loans you need, when, and then press to complete the request form.

Required data and processing time


With our sophisticated and advanced technology, it only takes a few seconds to evaluate an application for one of our personal loans. The credit decision will be displayed on the screen in the blink of an eye.

No financial statements are required and since everything is done online, there is no standing in line (unless you choose a Personal Guarantor – then you will need to visit a notary to verify the contract). You will go through several virtual “checkpoints” to confirm your information as you go through the process. During this process, we will check your identity, credit rating and repayment ability by the due date.

At the end of the application we will ask you to confirm that you want to continue with one of our credits and we will send you a PIN on your mobile phone. Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

Good Finance personal loans

When and how you get your money


The money will be sent directly to the bank account of your choice within minutes of the final approval of the loan, upon receipt of the signed Loan Agreement and upon receipt of proof of guarantee.

Please note that before 7am, after 7pm and on weekends or holidays, it will take a little longer to receive your money.

Applying for Extra Personal Credit

Applying for Extra Personal Credit

If you are a customer who has received and successfully repaid one of our personal loans in the past and wants to apply for another loan, we use a text (SMS) messaging service that makes things even faster and easier.

For example, let’s say you want to apply for a $ 2,000 loan with a 4-monthly payment schedule. Just send a text message containing the CREDIT (loan amount) (installment number) PIN to 095 100 6744. We will immediately send you our decision in a text message and, if the loan is approved (and after you provide proof of guarantee), you will have the funds at to your bank account in a very short time. It’s so easy!

In addition, since you are already a Good Finance customer, we will be happy to offer you a quick personal loan of up to HRK 18,000 (depending on your credit, which you can check by calling the toll free number 0800 248 242 or by using one of the available contact methods.

Payday Loan

Lend me money

How thankless can it be when you ask someone to tell you to lend you money? Friends and relatives in those moments often show their true face by turning their backs on you and looking for all possible ways to repel you.

But if you come to the bank and tell the employee to lend me money, you can find yourself in almost a similar situation only in a slightly finer way. They’ll ask you for a bunch of paperwork, put a few conditions in front of you, and take up a lot of time to pay you a few thousand kuna.

Our clients do not have such problems


When a customer comes to us with a sentence, you lend me money first and it is essential that you fill out an online form that includes all the information you need so that we can complete the request. You will soon be contacted by an old staff member with whom you will continue to communicate, where you will find out all our terms and where you can ask any question regarding lending money with us.

Lend me money is the sentence most people say when they can’t see the way out. But there is always a financial way out, you just need to be calm and think carefully about your next move or move. Given that a large number of citizens are facing foreclosure, our services can be a solution to pay off your debts tomorrow and thus sleep more peacefully knowing that you will not be blocked or executed.

Unforeseen expenses such as arrears

Unforeseen expenses such as arrears

Accumulated credit card installments, vehicle repairs, or treatment costs can certainly be some of the reasons that will make you say lend me money.

We borrow and pay out money according to pre-agreed terms of business in the amount of from 300 to maximum 6000 kuna and with a payback period of 15 to 150 days or 5 months. Our services are short-term, so you have the opportunity to repay the borrowed money very quickly and start a new life story financially.

Waiting for it to get better, believe it will only get worse


By avoiding paying your dues, you only harm yourself in the long run, so don’t wait but get started right away. Signing up online with smartphones, tablets and computers can get you money in just a few clicks, all from your own home without ever having to leave. The money lending service is as tailor-made as possible for you to be paid off as soon as possible.

Borrow me money is a sentence that should make you neither afraid nor ashamed. We operate as discreetly and professionally as possible without the small letters and sentences intended to be deceived.

We have helped many we can. Close your worries once and for all by borrowing up to $ 6,000 in cash, which is paid exclusively through a checking account. We are open to speak with you as soon as you decide to turn one new page of your life, the one financially positive and cheerful. Contact us with full confidence and request our service lend me money!

Payday Loan

I need money on loan

How many times have you looked into the void and admitted to yourself that you needed money on a loan. Often life situations and events cannot be managed.

Your washing machine has broken down, you need an urgent repair of your vehicle, pay for treatment costs or you may want to surprise a loved one, buy her a ring, take a romantic trip… These are all things that require money out of your pocket. But what if you have no money at that moment?

I need money to borrow today


Most contingencies require you to pay bills, old overheads, foreclosures, and the like, as a matter of urgency. These are the times when it would be best to have cash on hand, but how to get the money right away? Are you in a working relationship? Do you receive a regular pension and are no older than 80? Don’t have a secure or blocked account? Then you’re a great candidate to get money today.

The money on the loan is paid out exclusively to your checking account, without any scams or hiding. We don’t do business on our hands!

Cash on loan without justification

If you are afraid that you will have to justify spending money, you are wrong. With us there is maximum discretion where we never ask our clients questions like those that others might ask you.

It doesn’t matter to us who and what you spend the money for. What matters in the overall business is that you pay back your installments on time so that you can count on our services in the future.

I need money on a loan without checks


Of course, we will not check you, but you must satisfy the conditions of our business in order to close the business for mutual satisfaction. We do not torment our clients with a bunch of unnecessary paperwork, notaries, we do not waste their time and money just so they can contact us and ask for their loan.

Then when you say I need a loan, remember us because we do not turn our backs on our clients, there are no small letters or hidden sentences with us. We do not want to do business with the aim of cheating but to really help.

Need money on a loan up to a few installments?


Great, because then we can help you. We approve a loan in the amount of HRK 300 to 6000 with a maturity of 15 to 150 days, that is, 5 months or 5 monthly installments.

A loan can help you get the money directly into your account in one day and manage it for your needs. You never have to ask again and tell others I need a loan today. Contact us with confidence.

Payday Loan

Why borrowing money with a credit card is expensive

Borrow the same amount through a personal loan 

Borrow the same amount through a personal loan 

If you borrow money with a credit card, you pay a hefty interest for it. In the Netherlands this is usually 14%, the highest rate that is legally permitted.

Would you borrow the same amount through a personal loan or revolving credit, then you usually do not get that percentage. And anyone who wants to borrow money through a mortgage for a big home job is now well under 2% – if that loan is repaid within 10 years.

However, if you buy a new TV with your credit card because you want to spread the purchase amount over several months, you can always count on no less than 14% interest on an annual basis.

Why is it so towering? And why is there such a big difference? That is in the following.

No insurance for the lender

No insurance for the lender

Every lender takes into account the chance that you will not fully repay the loan. For example, because you do not always have enough money in your account. Or because you are suddenly confronted with other costs. He bases his interest rate on this so-called risk .

With a mortgage or a loan for the purchase of a car, for example, there are always things that the bank can claim and sell if you do not repay in full. Your house or your car is the collateral that gives the money provider certainty that he will get his money back.

A loan with a credit card does not immediately have such collateral. The credit card company does not ask what you spend the money on and should go to a lot more effort to see the loan amount again if you do not cross the bridge.

Withdraw money with your credit card

Withdraw money with your credit card

For example, he must call in a bailiff, who can then seize your household effects. There are a lot of costs involved.

A bank or financing company that provides a loan usually asks what exactly you are borrowing for. But if you withdraw money with your credit card to gamble, the credit card company does not know anything about it.

The company therefore has no insurance on what it advances to you. And the more people they lend money to, the greater the chance that there will be someone in between who doesn’t pay back.

That makes borrowing with a credit card more expensive.

Every disadvantage has it’s advantage

Every disadvantage has it

This high lending rate also has advantages. The credit card company builds a solid buffer with it and can therefore ultimately give more guarantees to all users.

For example, she can repay you the cash if you are disadvantaged by a store that does not deliver your order properly, or even not at all. Or guarantee the damage when your credit card comes into the hands of a crook.